Friday, January 10, 2014

Zodiac Signs -

Zodiac Signs -

The Zodiac signs collection carries impressions of the 12 zodiac signs. These distinctive 35 mm minted medals has been manufactured with extra care and attention to detail. The 3D impression depicted on these medals is embossed in relief making it a miniature piece of art.

علامات الابراج: الحمل Zodiac Signs: Aries Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: الثور
Zodiac Signs: Taurus
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: الجوزاء
Zodiac Signs: Gemini
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: السرطان
Zodiac Signs: Cancer
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: الاسد
Zodiac Signs: Leo
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: العذراء
Zodiac Signs: Virgo
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: الميزان
Zodiac Signs: Libra
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: العقرب
Zodiac Signs: Scorpio
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: القوس
Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: الجدي
Zodiac Signs: Capricorn
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: الدلو
Zodiac Signs: Aquarius
Size: 35 mmعلامات الابراج: الحوت
Zodiac Signs: Pisces
Size: 35 mm


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