Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Silver-Plated Medals

Silver-Plated Medals
  • Silver-plated medals are plated with silver and can be produced with or without antique patina.
  • You can select between three different types of surface-finishing: 
  • Highlighted
    Matte finish.
    Brilliant finish.
  • Our standard medals are circular in shape, cut from from brass sheets 4 mm in thickness, single-faced and carry a two dimensional (2D) impression. A range of sizes are available (diameter in mm): 50, 60, 70 and 75.
  • Our Standard medals are etched or minted (depending on quantity) from 4 mm thick brass sheets.
  • Our standard medals have two dimensional embossed or recessed impression. Any design can be rendered. 2D medals are engraved without contouring using 2D black and white (inked) artwork which includes usually your message (text) and logo (drawing); black areas are rendered as recessed and white areas as embossed. The result of using such artwork is a 2 dimensional low relief medal with only two levels on the medal's surface.

Size: 60 mmDSC01213.jpgMd116.jpgMd162.jpgMd138.jpgMd184.jpgMd130.jpgMd197.jpgMd201.jpg

In addition to our default highlighted silver-plated medals, Absi Co offers two other finishing types: matte and brilliant. Open the price list of your preferred finish type from the table below then select a presentation style and  a size that suits your event and budget.